Editing and Enhancement

Click-It Photography also offers a complete range of digital editing and Photoshop services. Whether you want your photos retouched or you need your marketing or promotional materials altered, we can do it all. Object/people removal, restoration, enhancement, person slimming/thinning, blemish removal, skin smoothing, any corrections, colour, cropping, brightness, and/or sharpening. You name it, we can do it!

Bulk rates available and special wedding picture enhancement packages offered! If your wedding photographs taken by other photographers turned out less than you hoped for,Click-It to the rescue!  This is an incredibly popular service with such great results that we are currently launching a stand-alone website for the sole purpose of editing, retouching, enhancing and restoration. Rest assured, any questions you have will be answered up front, and any concerns you may have will be addressed with care and efficiency.

See the different examples below for ‘removal of unwanted items’.  Slimming/thinning, skin smoothing, brightening, background cleanup, etc