When the time comes….you just know.  When the time comes to hire a photographer who can convey your feelings in photographs…you may not know.  We are here to help.  Whether you are interested in finding the right photographer for your engagement, wedding, maternity photos, or a personal/intimate shoot, the most important feeling to share with a photographer is a sense of comfort.  It is your photographer and your choice.  (Text continued below galleries)




For engagement portraits, we recommend a mixture of attractive locations and fun poses all in one shoot.  Depending on your personality and input, we would include candids, modern shots and maybe even throw in some traditional poses.  The locations can be anything from beautiful waterside parks and open fields to contemporary café’s and striking urban scenes.  



Maternity and/or intimate photo shoots are generally done in the comfort of your own home.  At this point in time, we are no longer offering studio settings as the majority of our customers prefer shooting in their private residence which offers them unlimited convenience.  Expecting mothers, with or without children will enjoy the reassurance of having all of the necessities close at hand while not having to endure the travel and unfamiliar surroundings of a studio.  Women requesting intimate photograph sessions also seem to prefer the options their own homes allow.  These include personal or special backgrounds, unlimited wardrobe changes, quick access to makeup, washroom, etc.  Your session will be conducted in a professional manner and if you would feel more comfortable, we suggest having somebody at the sitting with you.  Feel free to contact us will any questions you may have.